Terry G

Terry G


Gabriel Oche Amanyi a.k.a Terry G was born in Lagos as the first in a family with four offspring on 17, March 1988. He is a musician, producer, high energy performer and entertainer who started his career singing back up for R&B singer Faze.

Terry G was raised in a musical household and by the age of 5 he had begun playing the drums. He made the round of church choirs before going secular with his music. His first album Free me achieved modest success but his Free Madness single from his second record took his career to new heights. He is as famous for his music as he is for his eccentric dress sense and awkward identity. He has admitted battling drug dependence in the past.

Terry G has produced hit records for various A-list artistes and is the creator of the House of Ginjah, a struggling pop group.


Free me

Ginger your swaggah

Terry G.zuz

Book of Ginger


Street with Vector

Jump and pass

See groove

So High

Run Mad

Testing Microphone

Free Madness

Love affair

Sexy Lady



Akpako master

Baby don’t go


2010 Hip Hop World Awards Best Street Hop

Fun facts

Terry G’s first producing effort was on Kemistry’s Shake

He calls his unique style of music Chante chante


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