Precious John who is better known as Presh was a member of the defunct music group KC Presh. Presh was a music director in the same church as Five Star Music's Kcee who was the church’s choir master at the time and they both decided to form a music group called "Sweet Boys” with two other guys, who soon left the group to pursue other dreams.

They were in the gospel music business and when they decided to do proper hip hop, they changed their name to KC Presh which is a combination of both their names. In 2001 after being advised be Eedris Abdulkareem, they entered the Star Quest talent hunt and came out top and their lives changed.

Fast forward 12 years and the romance that one produced hit songs like "Shokori Bobo" was no more as they both decided to go solo.

Although it was slow for Presh, he gradually made his way back to the mainstream music after he got signed to Dilly's Eric Manny Records. The deal which saw the soft spoken singer go home with 2 SUV's is still one of the most lucrative deals ever.

Presh has gone on to record a couple of songs and is currently rebuilding his career.





Say Them Say

I no Dey Lie












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