BrymO – Goodbye (Acoustic)


Olawale Ashimi is a gifted vocalist, songwriter and composer. Born 9, May 1986 in the satellite town of Ojo and raised in the Okokomaiko suburbs, Brymo gained admission to the Lagos state University but had to drop out due to financial constraints.  In 2002, while attending secondary school, Brymo formed a band called Aliens with three of his friends. He played a major role in the group, acting as the composer and songwriter. However the band did not gain much traction and by 2005, they had called it quits.

As a solo artiste, Brymo recorded and released music that went by largely unnoticed but his 2009 single Shawdy was a modest hit. He met with rapper M.I in 2010 and appeared on massive hit singles by Ice Prince and M.I. his first solo single with Chocolate City was a smash hit and his album Son of a Kapenta followed shortly. Not satisfied with the label’s handling and promotion of his album, Brymo staged an abrupt walk out of his contract in 2013. Chocolate City swiftly followed with a law suit that rendered him temporarily unable to distribute his music as he was technically remained under contract.

Post Chocolate City, Brymo released two refreshing discs; Merchants, dealers and slaves (2013) and Tabula rasa (2014). Featuring a blend of his distinct storytelling and vocal range, both albums set him apart as a musical rebel without peer.




Son of a Kapenta

Merchant Dealers and slaves

Tabula rasa




Good morning

Omoge Campus

We all need something


One Pound



Headies 2012 Recording of the Year- Ara

2012 Channel O Music Video Awards Most Gifted Afro Pop video of the Year- Ara

2013/2014 All Africa Music Awards Songwriter of the Year- Down



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